Why Should you contact a 18 wheeler accident lawyer san Antonio

An accident caused by an 18-wheeled truck injures more than 1.00,000 people every year and even every 20 minutes, a person is killed or injured in a truck accident. According to the study of the last 10 years, fatal truck accidents have come to an extreme point and for that, people suffer a lot. 

If you or your loved one comes to be injured or killed in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you need to contact an 18 wheeler accident lawyer san Antonio

Many law firms take steps to handle truck accident but few works confidently with a lot of experience. Accidents involved by commercial trucks and large 18 wheelers come to be successfully handled by a successful lawyer with depth knowledge of trucking industry regulations, insurance, technology, and practices. 

When you come to 18 wheeler accident lawyer san Antonio, you will get in touch with a few lawyers who have been certified by board certification in Truck Accident Law under the supervision of the National Board of the Trial Advocacy. 

If you have an accident with an eighteen-wheeler, you have to face a critical condition because you need to pay large medical bills along with physical pain. It is good to know that the lawyers will bring you a lot of facilities in favor of you but they cannot reduce the hassle caused by the accident. So if you can keep yourself safe from the accident caused by an 18-wheeler truck, then you will feel peace in mind. Go through the details given


Common causes of 18-wheeler Accidents

If you are a shipper, you need to keep in mind some basic points that surely will save you from an accident.

  • Overloaded trailers – As a shipper, you will have a responsibility to make sure that the cargo is properly secured. With insecurity of cargo, the items may fall out of the trailer during transport, hitting vehicles, and the surety of an accident. Even if the truck is overloaded, it will not keep balance properly. 
  • Fatigued Driving – The truck drivers need to go under certain rules & regulations. To maintain the regulation, the drivers should not drive drowsy as their unconscious mind makes them asleep behind the wheel and brings an accident. Moreover, the drivers with over-pressure will have to ignore the regulation and face an accident. 
  • Influence of alcohol or drugs – Drunk driving is completely illegal as well as dangerous for the drivers who drive 18-wheelers. They should be alert always when driving. The thing is that drinking condition makes drivers unconscious to control the truck and bring accident. 
  • Distracted driving – It is a common thing that truck drivers to spend many lonely hours behind the wheel on the highway. For that, they may come easily distracted by not cell phones but intake of food. The situation can cause a sure accident. 
  • Speeding – Taking a corner too fast or stopping suddenly can be a result of a track accident on the road. As a truck driver, you need to avoid this thing. 
  • Bad Weather – Snow, fog, sleet, or rain may make you uncomfortable to see the vehicle on the road. Despite bad weather, drivers come forward to drive the truck and face a sure accident. Just try to avoid driving in bad weather. 

Truck drivers can have an accident caused by an 18-wheeler despite maintaining all of the norms mentioned above or without maintaining rules but they need to get in touch with 18 wheeler accident attorneys if an accident comes. Knowing the reasons why the attorneys are very important.

Why are 18 wheelers dangerous?

You should remember that 18 wheelers are so dangerous and they can give you accidents at any time. To know the danger of 18 wheelers, just have a look at them below.

  • Combination of weight and speed – 18 wheelers have an average weight of 1.5tons and when the truck comes with loading, it is nearly weights of 40 tons. That means the weight of the truck comes 27 times more when the truck is loaded. The speed of the truck comes at 60mph. 
  • Stopping Distances – it is very important to know that a large truck has more time to stop than a car. It needs 525 feet to stop for a 40-ton truck travelling at the same speed. Even the 18 wheeler has an air brake and there must be a lag time between hitting the brake and the brakes’ action.
  • Blindspot – The 18 wheelers have four large blind spots, one is in front, two are in the sides and one is at the back of the truck. For the truck’s size and height, drivers face problems spotting small cars when their truck driver is unable to check bind spots. 
  • Hazardous Materials – Trucks generally carry hazardous material always on the road of San Antonio and for that, the situation comes with flammable, explosive, and poisonous. As there are stringent regulations, drivers need specialized training. As a result of these, 18 wheeler trucks become dangerous.    

Why do you need to hire 18 wheeler accident attorney?

If you come to suffer a collision caused by 18 wheeler truck, you come to be sure that you did nothing wrong but despite the right ways, you need to bear the costs for injuries caused by the accident. Generally, a lawyer deals with legal matters to bring legal support in behalf of you. Know the details steps taken by the layers. 

  • Trucking Companies Deny Responsibility – Simply, thousands of trucking accidents come every year and the companies try to deny responsibility including avoiding the cost related to damages caused by the truck drivers. Even the companies will send their representatives to collect some evidence in need of reducing claims done by you or your layers. The truck accident attorneys have decades of experience and they will proceed with numerous settlements and verdicts against the truck companies. 
  • To bring the complicated cases under control – The thing is that 18-wheelers car collisions and medical injuries are much more complicated by nature and even truck accident litigation that includes the complex concept related to physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and economics. The best 18 wheeler accident lawyer brings a claim based on an 18-wheeler truck company, the accident victims will have to prove their case to a jury focusing on what happened through those complicated industry and scientific ideas and principles. The layers come to make a challenge against the Truck Company and bring extreme benefits in favor of you.  

18 wheeler accident lawyer san Antonio [FAQ]

  1. What will I do to save myself after an accident caused by an 18-wheeler truck?

Ans. When you have an accident caused by an 18-wheeler truck, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is to hire a winning and experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney experienced in fighting large trucking companies. Generally, the lawyer will fight against the truck companies and bring benefits for you. Moreover, you need to take some steps mentioned below.

  • You should be calm with your vehicle for safety reasons.
  • You need to call 911 for a better result.
  • Take medical attention to anyone with you if the person is injured.
  • Do not move the vehicles until and unless the police arrive. 
  • Do not leave the scene. 
  • Keep records of all the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the parties involved.
  • Put down the names and badge numbers of police officers.
  • Take a snapshot of the scene including injuries and vehicles. 
  • Immediately notify your insurance company
  • What should I do immediately following an 18-wheeler semi-Truck Accident?

                  Follow the list mentioned below:

  • Take a copy of the accident report from the police. Do the same things with a property damage valuation from the insurance company.
  • Get records of all visitors including doctors and health care providers. Write down all the symptoms or any pain that you have. Keep copies of all the test results, treatments, medications, and any other medical care. 
  • Keep a record of pocket expenses that you spent while injured due to the crush. 
  • Write down a record of missed work or other activities.
  • Consult with a lawyer before an agreement with him or her.
  • Who will you sue in the 18-Wheeler crash case?

Truck accidents can come to be complicated because of parties who must be at fault and the parties include people, companies, the truck driver or trucking company, the owner of the truck, and even the group for the contents of the trailer. It is the best way to determine the course of action of your unique semi-truck accident through speaking with a lawyer. 

4. How long do I have to file a case after a truck accident?

It is very good to know that one needs to take time of two years for a case file from the date of the accident. But your case will be easier to investigate and recover compensation if you mention the actual date of the accident along with the case details. Your case will be easier if you come under the supervision of 18 wheeler accident lawyer san Antonio.

5. How much do you have to spend for hiring an 18 wheeler accident lawyer?

Generally, the lawyer needs to work on a contingent-fee basis which means, the lawyers do not make a demand for a fee unless they do not win your case. That means, the clients do not have to pay anything to the lawyers.  

6. Why do you hire truck accident lawyers in San Antonio?

If you come to get in touch with lawyers in San Antonio, you will have a demonstrated history of victims related to truck accidents along with collisions. The lawyers have to fight so hard on behalf of clients, and for that, the attorneys come to be recognized as leaders in the field of truck accidents. 

Bottom Line – 18 -Wheeler trucks are undoubtedly dangerous when you are on the road and they bring you accidents at any the time. But if you come to keep patience while driving, the accident will surely come less. So, if an accident comes while driving, immediately you should go for the best 18 wheeler accident lawyer

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